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Any decisions made by the chief judge, Denis Viskovich, any other BIUCAC judges and BIUCAC 2023 Committee on any matters relating to the competition, including on matters of cheating, are final and cannot be appealed.


As of 30 October 2023, you must be an undergraduate law student at a non-Russell Group University in the UK or an undergraduate law student at a university in Ireland (excluding Trinity College Dublin) and not have secured a training contract to be eligible to compete in BIUCAC 2023.


You can only register once for BIUCAC 2023. If you have made a mistake in filling out your Round 1 registration form or if you need to change any of your details, please inform us as soon as possible with your name and the issue. Do not register more than once, or we will treat this as cheating under Rule 5.


If you managed to secure and accepted a training contract offer during the competition, you are no longer eligible to compete. As such, you must inform us as soon as possible and immediately withdraw from the competition. If you do not inform us and withdraw from the competition, we will disqualify you or rescind your prize.


Cheating is defined as any action that provides you an unfair advantage over other contestants during the competition. Actions constituting cheating include but are not limited to colluding with other contestants, using online search engine, personal notes, or engaging a third-party to compete on your behalf. If you cheat or are suspected of cheating, we will disqualify you or rescind your prize.


You must treat all questions in the competition as strictly confidential. You may discuss the questions with fellow contestants after the round has concluded. However, you must not discuss or share any question from the competition with any other persons during or after the competition. If you breach this rule, we will disqualify you or rescind your prize.


We expect contestants to act professionally and be courteous to fellow contestants, BIUCAC 2023 committee members and all of the judges at all times during the competition. This includes dressing appropriately for Part B of Round 4 and Round 5. We will disqualify you if we discover that you have been rude or have acted unprofessionally during the competition.


You must supply us with your phone number, your academic and personal email addresses when registering. We will use this information strictly for the purposes of administering this competition, and will not publish or provide them to anyone without consent. If your details have changed, you must inform us as soon as possible. We can disqualify you if you do not inform us.


If you require time extension for medical reasons, you must submit a time extension form by no later than 18:59 (GMT), 31 October 2023. Only one form needs to be submitted for the entire competition. If you made a mistake on your form, inform us as soon as possible with your name and the issue. Do not resubmit. We cannot accommodate you unless you submit a form.


If you successfully progress onto Round 4 and 5, you will be sent via your personal email a link to the contestant confirmation form. You must complete this form by the deadline stated in the email. If you are not given a link or the link does not work, you must inform us as soon as possible. We will disqualify you if you do not complete the form by the deadline specified.


Due to the volume of contestants, we cannot alter any of the times and dates set for the various rounds of the competition. It is your duty as a contestant to ensure that you are available to compete on the dates and times stated. If you are unable to compete on the day, we cannot progress you onto the next round.


It is your duty as a contestant to that ensure you have a stable internet connection and are in a suitable location when undertaking the virtual rounds. You must be willing to travel to London to compete in Round 5. We will disqualify you if you fail to properly compete in any round. There are no exceptions or appeals.

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